Andrew Posner​

It does not matter who lit the flame
That burned the Reichstag down,
Only that it burned and so few
Considered what cremation means
To those who long for proper burial.

Were there citizens to witness
The arsonist at work?
Could they have his intentions doused?

No matter. The economy was bad
And it felt good to scream
“Reichstag! Reichstag! Reichstag!”

For days the embers lingered
Like a bee in nectar drowned.
For days the ashes flowed
Like the violent undertow of waves
Of people marching the streets,
Where it was a relief to chant
“Reichstag! Reichstag! Reichstag!”

Soon they would find employment
In factories for tanks, planes, bombs,
Like so many ceramists shaping bleak urns
At minimum wage—

But it did not matter
Because the economy was bad
And there was joy in singing
“Reichstag!" long into the torchlit night.

Andy Posner grew up in Los Angeles and earned an MA in Environmental Studies at Brown. While there, he founded Capital Good Fund, a nonprofit that provides financial services to low-income families. When not working, he enjoys reading, writing, watching documentaries, and ranting about the state of the world. He has had his poetry published in several journals, including Burningword Literary Journal (which nominated his poem 'The Machinery of the State' for the Pushcart Poetry Prize), Noble/Gas Quarterly, and The Esthetic Apostle.