River of Prose

Art by Jenn Conley 

Poetry By Josephine Pino


Shades of a bruise meander between mud-slick banks of joy and despair. The blush of filled

capillaries glows eerie; the trappings of contentment are naught but mirrored ghosts, unlike the

folds at the temple, the blurring of structured memories that seep, draining melancholy,


and still the opaque liquid keeps moving, cruising past pilings that hold slick algal thoughts too

sessile to coalesce and thus they get caught in the stream and join the flow within veins, intrude

into ganglia, and strive for direction, hopeful of a gushing spill or to be carried by paddles


one by one, lifted at first to the sky, then giving in to gravity and the downward pull, the turning

of the wheel, the spillage and milling. And the words, unfettered like water molecules, dance.

They revel amongst themselves, reflecting hues, revealing truths.

Jenn Conley is an acrylic artist from South Jersey. You can find more of her art on Facebook and Instagram. www.instagram.com/jenncbinspired/


Josephine is an educator who continues to explore the ways that poetry, teaching and Biology not only play well together, they help each other thrive. She has published in El Portal, Cathexis NW, Curating Alexandria, and Raw Art Review, and featured in High Shelf and Tiny Seed Literary Journal.