Sex with a Poem

River E. Hall

each comma comes 

in depth of cleavage

cut of hipbone


pulsating dashes inside:

parenthesis of open mouths holding

(salivary-sounds) enjambed between legs


some demand strange geometry:

sharp angles against round of cranium

(skull-fuckery) commanding submission

to right angles of the page

                                                                        a poem enters a poem from behind

                                                                        discordant tenses tensing around the girth


some are stranger sex:

shallow dialogues until they 

whisper salt water in the ear

(voices muffled) until poured out

a warm stain on a pillowcase


some are rough:

fucking through the sternum

slithering between ribs

pressing up through the breasts


some are quick:

find quiet places in ventricles

to go limp




leaving the poet staring at the ceiling

River E. Hall is a poet, short fiction writer and naturalist. Much of her work focuses on environmental, scientific, and somatic themes. She holds an M.A. in Education and is a graduate of the Wilderness Awareness School’s Anake Outdoor program, an intensive nature connection immersion program. She is a wife, a daughter, and a Washingtonian.