Eimear Bourke

You’re clean and functional

But so dry, so thin


Pellucid paper

Encasing my bones and veins


Written on you is all we’ve shared

So visible and obvious

You tell no lies 


Freckled, hairy forearms 

Scarred hands and calloused palms


You couldn’t belong to a pretty girl who stays indoors 


You’re lived in and you’re mine. 


Barrier between the world


something that’s simultaneously intangible,

yet familiar


Looking through your sheer shield

i can make out the vessels of my vascular 


What is it you are holding? 

Erythrocytes and plasma? 

or some unspoken knowledge that you carry to my heart, 

but not my brain. 


When her fingertips touched you, you felt something 

Something that the head doesn’t realise it shouldn’t want yet 

Eimear Bourke is an Irish idealist and perpetual dreamer. Raised in Navan, Co. Meath, she currently lives with her girlfriend in Dublin 6W. Driven by a belief in purpose and fatalism, her poems are shaped by themes such as nature, interpersonal relationships, sexuality and memory. She is inspired by Rita Ann Higgins and Yrsa Daley-Ward.

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