Spelled Problem

Logo Wei

because night is car

studded ergo sexier

than normal ones

i am in the mood

to tell you that

i know the glaciers

their futures their desires

and i get to say that

because once an

ice cube discoed

in my mouth

that gave me

both the required encounter

and the gelid credibility

needed in order

to speak for the ice caps

i have been called a hero

against the cold

witness my badge clouds

being the idea of 


styrofoam the rain is

beautiful and sweet is

the industrial


of forests let us split the


and discover it's just two

twee constituent

wrongs why does it always

have to be a racial thing

with you folks

down with poetics


capitalism poem

is spelled problem you


i can see you're no fan

of the honored dollar

see that you're


of dawdles and flowers

and women's equality well

before i spit may i say that may

be we should


take lessons


the urinal cakes

in their mellow valleys

on acceptance

ever think about that

or is that news to you poet huh

Logo and spouse live in the upper Midwest with their puckish quadruped. He has worked with patients, students and those enduring homelessness. Logo writes (and bakes and bikes) as solacing means of existence. Logo's poetry has appeared or will appear in The Notre Dame Review, Pedestal Magazine, Parhelion, AZURE, and others.