Still present with me it enters in unexpectedly 

Kristin Withers

it was the first cool day when I was suicidal to meet you 

oh, songworm descant & charmed 

there I was sitting in the mirror — hideous & silent mirror


tell me in broken metaphor & it grows in broken duplicate


the effervescent dancer forgets to lament the dream, 

tangible before him — babbling babbling brooks

sing to me in shallow lacerations with no additional text


& if I wished it in depth & if I wished it were saline 

then they would be anything instead 

numb openings —  oh, what about me possibly cannot 


tell me in broken metaphor & it grows in broken duplicate 


laborious love — too far in long, I have lost my way 

so I had lain down for it to touch me 

fall — your reaching finger, the very last leaf 

Kristin Withers is a poet currently residing in the Pacific Northwest. She has been an industrial sewist, coffee roaster, bookseller, realty & teaching assistant. Kristin's disciplined in analytic philosophy, focusing particularly on epistemology & the metaphysics of consciousness. With initial publication at The Inquisitive Eater: New School Food, she is currently working on a gallery in liminal nocturne & a concept collection of autoscopic language poetry.