Sunday (on the verge of collapse)

Sophia Lee

splayed newsprint with the comics extracted

                                                                               (proof of life after last night)

dog food bowl goes untouched

                                                                               (everyone is afraid to be violent)

footsteps on the stairs 

                                                                               (means we hold our breaths)

squinting and listening  

                                                                               (for a sign, say)

the rustle of pajamas 

                                                                               (on another bare back)

or a divine green light 

                                                                               (dare you to move)

Sophie Lee is from Seattle, Washington. Her work has been published by Bluefire, Canvas Teen Literary Journal, Prometheus Dreaming, and 4x4 Magazine. In her spare time, she does improv comedy, collages, and thinks about bees. She is currently a student at Columbia University.