Sylvia Segmented

Paul Iasevoli

Oh what a thrill…of pink fizz

this is for Plath

as words rip

through her consciousness


leading her to Yeats’ oven

to blow out the pilot

and suck death into her being

and let go as crows flow


like her husband’s poetry

that yields despair

where no blue skies fly

over London’s semidetached


while she disconnects

birthday joys and holidays

from effervescent yews’

bristling flowers



with a million sperm

falling into water

where fish spawn


bubbling with love 

and infidelities


in nightmare dreams 

of dying children


and lost reams

of black confetti. 

Paul Iasevoli's stories and poems have been published in various journals, including Deep South Magazine, where he was 2018 winner of honorable mention. His writing has also appeared in the Florida Writers Association’s yearly collection of prose and poetry. He’s author of the 2018 award nominated LGBTQ+ novella, Winter Blossoms.