Tall Man Lettering

Jodie Childers

After wEEks of heated deliberation in our eSTEAMed capitOL, the city counCIL has voted against the Divinely Elected Prince’s proposal tO mandate the use of capitAL letters to differentiate between homophones and commonly confused and misspelled words in all written documents. 


According tO the Divinely Elected Prince’s Office of Legal CounSEL, the law will go into EFFect anyway.


Some critics of the NEW legislation argue that these regulations may negatively AFFect the publishing industry. H. H. Schiller, the city’s princiPAL word manufacturer, spoke out against the decree:  “IT’S ludicrous.  IT’S just another blow from this frog prince whO’S made it clear that he’s bent on destroying free enterprize in this city.  How are we going tO reprint the klassix and publish the hottest NEW works tOO?”


A spokesperson from the DEP’s office responded: “Look, I respect Schiller and all of his guys, BUT, WE’RE talking about princiPLEs hERE.  ThEY’RE worried about dollars and CENTS; what WE’RE talking about is common SENSE.” 

A New York based writer and documentary filmmaker, Jodie Childers has published essays on 20th century American political dissent, literature, music, and self-taught art. Her creative work has been published in the Portland Review, Eleven Eleven, Feral Feminisms and most recently the volume Appalachian Reckoning. Her video work has been featured in The Woody Guthrie Annual and In These Times, and she is currently directing a documentary film about Pete Seeger’s environmental legacy.