The Choice 

Patricia Thrushart

The irony of choosing this over heaven—

this life of bone and blood; aches,

misses, mistakes; fleshy 

covenants made and broken,

then made again; moments 

of fleeting peace or petty

conflicts, of waning innocence

with wisdom hard-won; 

the eternal optimism that 

the Divine is waiting for you as if 

you belong there and should never 

have left in the first place,

but had no choice

as surely as dark briny oysters close

around a glowing, gritty pearl. 

Patricia Thrushart has published two books, Little Girl Against The Wall, and Yin and Yang. Her work appears regularly in The Watershed Journal, a regional literary magazine of Northwestern Pennsylvania, and on the websites Dark Horse Appalachia and North/South Appalachia. Her poems have been published in Tiny Seed, The Brookville Mirror, Clarion University’s Tobeco, The Avocet, Still Point Arts Quarterly, The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, The Indiana Gazette, Feminine Collective and The Pennsylvania Poetry Society’s Magazine PENNESSENCE. She is an active member of the local writers’ community, presenting workshop sessions and participating in live poetry readings.

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