The Inglorious Triumph of Selfishness 

Austin Newton

Night descends upon this city

Accosted by a disease

Now holding us hostage.

I mourn the congregations

While roaming these deserted streets,

Moving in and out of each

Neighborhood like hospital rooms

And peeping through windows at

The screens televising this pandemic.


It's been an unholy week;

Death lurks in the spaces between us.

An elderly couple out walking

Seals their fate by holding hands.


I am agent of death

Being outside like this, for

I have touched the sick

And am therefore myself sick.

A man has asked me what time it is;

It's time for me to go home.

Austin Newton resides in Portland, Oregon and attends Portland State University where he is a student of the BFA program for creative writing. Outside of writing, he likes to skateboard and hike. His work has previously appeared in Pathos, Portland State’s literary magazine. A link to that as well as his Instagram page will be provided below: @doctorweird95