Tara Cronin


There are places that are part of what we call Home. We have memories of them yet we know they are not part of our current file of experiences. I explore ways to discover that Place, a memory of a place that could be both standing in our world and yet have never quite existed. 


Tara Cronin is an artist working in various mediums, focusing on photography, installation and book arts. She received her MFA from the ICP-Bard Program in New York. She received her BA in Writing at New School University. While Tara battled hospitalizations and mental illness during her undergraduate work, her healing process veered her toward combining photography, writing, and artmaking in response.


Having exhibited throughout New York City and North America one of her recent shows was as a participant in the Madison Avenue Gallery Walk 2011, and this fall she was given her first museum Solo exhibition in September-November 2012 at the Museo De La Ciudad in Queretaro, Mexico.


While artwork is her focus Tara also has experienced commercial success with a handful entrepreneurial projects including a small Tea Company with partner and scientist, Ed Chen. Their latest project is has stemmed for their patented invention that sequesters CO2 directly from the air and transforms it into useful compounds. Tara and Ed have a startup called TerraLeaf whose goal is to transform traditional skepticism of climate change through creating economically viable and useful materials from existing CO2 while also promoting the importance of Art and Science as being symbiotic.


Tara is expecting to publish and release four books in Fall 2013 with Magical Thinking, an art and education organization co-founded with business partner and artist Joshua Lutz. Tara also hosts her co-founded project of the "Fred Talks" a monthly lecture series that includes discussions on the arts, sciences, and any topic in between. Tactile and generally sensate qualities are important in Tara’s work, whether it be via imagery that elicits the sense of touch, paper that she prefers to be able to be handled by viewers, or ambient sounds filing a dim room.


When Tara is not making artwork she is laughing. When she is not laughing she is collecting Pens, good pens. She might also be found touching people’s soft coats when they aren’t looking, being an admitted bookworm and video game fanatic, and sleeping every single night. She wishes someday she could grow up to have chlorophyllic hair and learn to make her notes legible. In the meantime she will continue to collect impala bones , make endless lists, and be always grateful for those she is lucky to have in her life.


For nearly a century, within psychiatric and medical establishments, members of the LGBTQ community were characterized within the psychiatric diagnostic manual, the DSM, as mentally ill, and treated as such by the community at large. I myself, have also been characterized as mentally ill, and have suffered through a number of the same mental institutions which were once used to house members of the LGBTQ community.


This project highlights the history of mischaracterizing LGBT members as mentally ill, psychotic, unstable, unhinged, and “crazy” so that society can remember what this community had to struggle through to reach their current status of equality.