The Peony and the Ant

Josephine Pino

Globe swollen

petal laden, I welcome

your symbiotic 



Your sly explorations

conjure emerging 

dew, a 

nectar gleam


inducing your eager 

lapping, your 

body a curl to 

match my curve. 


My need to give 

feeds your need to 

shield against

armoured buzz. 


Blushing beneath 

staccato shadow and 

quilted skies, I burst forth

in glorious bloom. 


My bud opens

splashing red

and you depart, 

stinger sheathed 

Josephine is an educator who continues to explore the ways that poetry, teaching and Biology not only play well together, they help each other thrive. She has published in El Portal, Cathexis NW, Curating Alexandria, and Raw Art Review, and featured in High Shelf and Tiny Seed Literary Journal.