The Process of Becoming Homosexual

Michael Kreger

My likeness transitions 

across my self

past boundaries within my ego

my interior sex is in confusion

as if midnight movie elbows touching

fucking across a plastic divide

stoned from a blowjob and weed

exhaling a millennium

of oppression and inquisition 

and disapprovingly tight lips

with the desire for death (and life)

misaligned remembrances

hot and cold

and salted tongues

under skin and blood

pounding my chest into haze

spreading myself

across the globe

exposing guts and glory

shame and warm skin

writing myself into something

curved like a signature’s end

cut right down the middle; 

two perfect halves

a whisper between lips and teeth

within a single breath

a multitude of sonnets

and silicone breasts

on fire as I flame

illuminate me in Jesus

bring me back from the dead in a gay bar

three days later.

Michael Kreger is a Philadelphia native who attended Temple University graduating with a degree in English Literature and Philosophy. He has been teaching in public schools for the past eleven years. Most recently, Michael was the principal at a charter school in Denver, Colorado where he has resided with his partner for the past six years. Michael is interested in the intersection of the artificial and the natural and how the incongruent nature of those two powerful forces shape our lives on a daily basis. Currently, Michael is residing Mexico City working on his first full length manuscript of poems.

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