The Scene When You Learn Nothing’s About You

Melinda Winograd

Arrival and departure are simulacra of a dimension you can only smell,

                its paramnesia the ghost under your nose

                skimming the cilia of your inorganic incarnation. 


Were you and I ever not the same

           event horizon 

                       a gravity feeding from the wreckage of our wake

                                              or are we waked


                                              we they         she       me


Were you and I ever not

             just simulations of solemnity


                                         a physic law

                                                     ache caving   intimate   slam


Departure and arrival are the facsimile of a savory desire,

             an archetypal ornamentation of unknown things

             never passing, never moving. Platitudes for the living.

Melinda Winograd lives in Dallas, Texas where she works as an Intelligence Consultant. She studied poetry at the University of North Texas, and currently studies fiction writing at Southern New Hampshire University. Her work has been featured in The Tulane Review.