The Second Jabberwocky

Daniel Cleary

Gyring and gyring in the manxome wood

The Jubjub bird bewares the JubJubber;

Toves bite through all; borogoves cannot rest;

Mome raths galumph upon the wabe, 

Their blade-slain heads galumph, and all awhile

The catches of their mimsy jaws are shunned;

The brillig take no joy, while the slithy 

Stand on frumious snicker-snack. 


Oh! ‘Tis some uffish foe coming;

Oh! ‘Tis the Jabberwock coming.

The Jabberwock! “Callooh! Callay!” I think

When a whiffling sight, through and through, 

Gimbles my eyes; somewhere by the Tumtum tree

A boy with vorpal arms and hands of flame,

A claw as long and frabjous as a sword,

Is chortling the borogoves, while in back of him

Go the Jubjubs, and the mome raths, and the toves.

They leave: One two! One two! So hast thou seen

That gyring days of beamish joy

Were left for dead in a manxome wood,

And what tulgey son, his time come back awhile, 

Burbles toward the Bandersnatch seeking to outgrabe?

Daniel J. Cleary teaches writing at Lorain County Community College, where serves as Professor of English. His poetry and prose have appeared in Jenny Magazine, 101 Words, The North Coast Review, Crack the Spine, Flash Fiction Magazine, and other journals.