The UnCorinthian Vow

Laura Johnson

Love is patient and after 

one week 

the new unsweetened moon saw

you push rocks down my throat

but Love is kind so i 

kindly told you

to go directly to hell but

Love does not envy so you invited me 

to join you

but i couldn’t when i remembered that

Love does not boast even though 

you did when you followed me 

revealing the others you’d

rather have married and

Love and i are not proud of clouded tempers

but like Love 

i was not self-seeking so i shrank

forgetting family

losing friends



i became like

Love, not easily angered and

i unexisted when you were 

two three four hours late 

dishes broke

bruises marked 


Love keeps no record of wrongs but

i did and i gave

it to the lawyer to build a case even though

Love does not delight in evil

there was plenty of unconfession

father, forgive him for he

has sinned 

while Love rejoices in the truth

the two-sided


slightly skewed



if Love always protects

it looks out for number one

but still

Love always trusts 

when we didn’t  

and even wading out of crazy

Love hopes for 

decent child support and

minimal interruption 

to the holidays and






but you didn’t 






never fails 




i do.

Laura Johnson is poet in Eastern Iowa who serves as co-editor of the online literary journal Backchannels. Laura is a graduate (BA ‘89, MA ‘92) of the University of Iowa. She participates regularly in performance and slam poetry, as well as writing page poetry. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Down in the Dirt and Rosebud. In addition to being a poet, Laura leads writing workshops in her community.