The Works of Silas Plum

Silas Plum

ICE Recruitment Poster JPEG.jpg

ICE Recruitment Poster

Head Librarian In The Archive Of Deliriu

Head Librarian In The Archive Of Delirium

K-W Cough Syrup.png

K-W Cough Syrup

Florida 1942.png

Florida 1942

Grandpa's Old Girl.png

Grandpa's Old Girl

Ohio 1976.png

Ohio 1976

Canyon Reflected in Lake.png

Canyon Reflected in Lake

Guard Cat.png

Guard Cat

At age 12, Silas Plum won the East Coast POG tournament. The prize was 500 POG’s, small collectible cardboard circles, each with an identical red and blue design on the front. From that moment on, he became obsessed with the question of Value. Why were these important? How could anything not necessary for survival be worth more than anything that was? Does artistic sentiment have value? The POG’s are gone, but the questions remain. Through assemblages of defunct currency, discarded photographs, and long-forgotten illustrations, Silas Plum challenges the idea of objective vs subjective value. He believes strongly in the tired old maxim that the true value of an object is more than the sum of its parts, that the gut is a truth-teller, and that the Aristotelian notion of learning-by-doing is the best teacher around. Judge his worth at