Tomato Sauce 

Nadia Farjami

it began with a jar of tomato sauce, 

with forgetting her favorite brand; 

was it Barilla or Newman’s Own?


something plucked 


memory off

the vines in her brain;

something skinned 

her scrapbook, 

made it sour


perhaps it was dawn 

that dissolved her details, 

or maybe even god 

that got ahold of her

glands and stuffed

them inside a 

genie’s bottle


soon, her mind will lose

the sizzle of

hash browns on the stove &

the succulence of

hemingway’s words on paper 



the sentences inside 

her brain will

become blistered

& acidic 


but for now, 

it’s only 

a jar of tomato sauce 

Nadia Farjami is a seventeen-year-old writer from Southern California. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Polyphony LIT, Cathexis Northwest Press, Prometheus Dreaming, and more. She's also a two-time National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Gold and Silver Medalist.

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