Moxie Peng

Sometimes I feel a kind of lightness

when I think that I breathe in the same air

that you breathe out.


Sometimes I get worried

when you are far

and your breath has to

travel through

water, forests

lands and air to

reach me.


What if

it got lost

on the way here.

Moxie Peng is a filmmaker, photographer and poet from Hunan, China. His fiction films have been selected to show at film festivals around the world. He used to work with Ren Hang in Beijing and is inspired by Ren as a photographer and a poet. He takes photos of ordinary people and the atmosphere that's created by people, space, objects and geometry.


As a queer artist from China, Moxie’s films are often the farmers and workers in modern China, immigrant ethnic minorities in the world, and the folks in the queer community and he often addresses intersectionalities between them. Currently, Moxie is living between Beijing and New York and planning to graduate from the Filmmaking MFA program at NYU in 2020.