Leon Fedolfi

Auto heuristic fidgets -

flagella of sun across its surface.

I fall through, not down -

looking up at performance.

Light and pressure - now

white fading wall of weight.

It rises as I spindle deeper. Deep

into its brine and dark color.

What is hidden in this continent?

Where I cannot see, hear,

nor breathe, nor move.

No return. 

It is not very different than the thought of it.

Surrounded by absence of thought,

bow of broken bone

and lungs filled with apocalypse.

Leon is an aspiring writer. He was awarded the 2020 Doug Draime Prize for Poetry sponsored by The Raw Art Review, and has published in Rumble Fish Quarterly, High Shelf Press and others. He has a book of poetry, The UnInvented Ear, coming out with UnCollected Press this fall.