We Were Lying

Alexandra Hubbell

And it was too sweet

With color and light and sound like

coins hitting pavement.


A book studied under its sister trees 

Did they see death before them?

Did they want to cry out?

Slices, pages, stained with words fading fast, too fast,

Read by our clawed, gentle hands.

We all searched for meaning before the dawn.

We tried to make it between

sheets of paper and cotton.


Who’s saving us now?

Among the metal and the cinder

You were beautiful and sharp and free.

Notes made tones that resonated

from the smallest tips of the tallest pines,

And I saw His face in the leaves

and it blurred around me.


Fountains touched by sinners’ hands, soaking their naked bodies,

and stars reflected off the rocks.

Bandanas made with bleach spotted color,

Someone caught us meeting in the corner.


Now, I wonder if age had met you yet

In face and mind and body. 

There was no body when I arrived,

All emotion

dripping down and sticking

to the soles of our shoes.

Holding each other, searching for that same meaning,

Books and beds deceived us.

Wherever you are, just remember me in seasons.


We climbed too high to see that you were still underwater.

Temptation took the shape of strings and boards and plastic chairs.

But I remember I envied you

with grains in my braid and

flecks in my eyes and

not the shadows beneath them now.


Hands behind necks and foreheads pressed to glass

There was an act involved in all our scraping and falling.

We tried to draw bridges over flames.

I don’t remember your face now, but

as it was. Spinning, and tonguing, and flying.


We were lying.

Alexandra Hubbell holds BA in English Writing from NC State University, and is a locally produced playwright in her hometown of Raleigh, NC. She is known for several historical one-act plays produced by Burning Coal Theater Company, and for her Chrysalis Project award-winning three-act play, 'The Bridge'. She is currently working on her first novel and producing her first play out of Charleston, SC.